Exclusive interview with Miss Supranational Denmark 2024 Victoria Larsen

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Victoria Larsen, crowned as Miss Supranational Denmark 2024, presents a unique blend of grace, intelligence, and purpose. Raised in a multicultural family with a Danish father and an Anglo-Indian mother, she values open-mindedness and collaboration above all. Victoria`s commitment to equal opportunity led her to address homelessness through fundraising and skill development programs. With a background in communications, she engages diverse audiences, aiming to empower young girls and spark meaningful conversations about societal issues. Throughout her reign, Victoria plans to inspire personal growth and foster a collective commitment to social change.

Exclusive interview with Miss Supranational Denmark 2024 Victoria Larsen0

Victoria, we congratulate you on your victory. Your name suggests that you were born to win! How do you feel after being crowned Miss Supranational Denmark 2024?

As Miss Supranational Denmark 2024, I am deeply honored and thrilled to represent my country on the international stage. I see this as a tremendous responsibility and an opportunity to inspire young girls to focus not only on physical appearance but also on self-discovery and personal growth.

Your parents have different cultural backgrounds. How do these multicultural dynamics influence your identity and your worldview?

Growing up with a Danish father and an Anglo-Indian mother has exposed me to diverse cultures and beliefs. This has taught me the importance of open-mindedness and the understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Despite cultural differences, every country shares the common values of love and a shared vision for a better future. I believe that despite our diverse backgrounds, we can work together to create a unified and harmonious future.

Exclusive interview with Miss Supranational Denmark 2024 Victoria Larsen1

You have been called the epitome of grace, intelligence and purpose. Which of these qualities are innate and passed on thanks to your international family, which embodies unique cultural traditions, and which are the result of your work on yourself? What moments in your personal history do you consider most important in shaping your personality and values?

During my formative years, the holiday season held special significance as my family gathered for Christmas, transcending borders to come together. The divorce of my parents brought about a challenging time, yet remarkably, they remained committed to celebrating Christmas as a united family. Witnessing their strength and determination to share this day despite their differences profoundly impacted my worldview. This experience instilled in me the belief that collaboration, regardless of our distinctions, is crucial. Life is not black or white; it`s a tapestry of complexities that can be woven harmoniously when we choose to work together.

Exclusive interview with Miss Supranational Denmark 2024 Victoria Larsen2

The philosophy of equal opportunity for all is an important part of your representation work. How are you going to contribute to ensuring this on a global scale?

My conviction that everyone deserves a chance to pursue their dreams drives my commitment to addressing homelessness in our society. Recognizing that many lack basic necessities, such as housing and hygiene materials, I have taken concrete steps. Fundraising initiatives are geared toward constructing low-income housing, while educational programs equip homeless individuals with skills vital for future employment. Addressing immediate needs, such as hygiene, and ensuring access to food and water, forms the basis of my practical approach. By doing so, I hope to relieve the burdens weighing on their shoulders and provide a pathway for them to focus on their goals.

What do you think about the status of women in modern society, and how do you see your role in promoting equality? What does it mean to you to be a woman in Denmark, and what lessons can you share with other women striving for success?

Growing up in Denmark, where gender equality is a cornerstone of society, has been an inspiring privilege. However, this privilege is a stark contrast to the unfortunate reality faced by women in other countries who lack equal opportunities. Despite these challenges, these women persevere in pursuit of their ambitions, teaching me an invaluable lesson. It reinforced the idea that, regardless of external obstacles, one should persist in the pursuit of their goals. Choosing to work towards ambitions, even in the face of adversity, becomes a powerful act of resilience and determination.

Exclusive interview with Miss Supranational Denmark 2024 Victoria Larsen3

Your support for the homeless is an important aspect of your implementation. What steps do you plan to take to combat this problem on a practical level?

To practically combat homelessness, I plan to address immediate needs and provide long-term solutions. This includes organizing fundraisers not just for housing but also for essential resources like food, water, and hygiene materials. Moreover, I intend to initiate skill development programs, empowering the homeless community to rebuild their lives and work towards sustainable futures.

How does your education in communications influence your interactions with the public and your future initiatives?

My education in communications has equipped me with a versatile set of skills and techniques in expressing complex ideas. This proficiency not only enhances my ability to engage in discussions on intricate topics but also facilitates effective communication with diverse audiences. These skills, learned through my major, make it easier for me to seize opportunities, foster understanding, and navigate interactions in a way that resonates with people from various backgrounds.

Exclusive interview with Miss Supranational Denmark 2024 Victoria Larsen4

What do you plan to do to make your year as a beauty queen memorable and inspiring?

In the upcoming year, I am determined to empower those interested in pageantry, particularly girls facing societal pressures. By encouraging self-belief and showcasing that one can overcome judgment, I aim to create a platform for open discussions. Sharing my personal experiences and shedding light on the struggles of those experiencing homelessness will serve as a catalyst for meaningful conversations. Through these efforts, I aspire to inspire personal growth and ignite a collective commitment to address societal challenges.

Exclusive interview with Miss Supranational Denmark 2024 Victoria Larsen5

Model: Miss Supranational Denmark 2024 Victoria Larsen

Photographer: Tina Patni 

Make-up & Hair: Jojo 

Miss Supranational

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